Yayo for powder – 11/21 to 11/22

This weekend was a good one for sure. Unfortunately our crew was a little split up, but we still had a great time and took advantage the snow that the northwest storm systems decided to dump on us. We got a dusting on Friday night; maybe 4 inches of new snow overnight. Saturday was awesome, needless to say. I met up with a Mission Ridge skier named Thomas and a semi-local chick named Rachel. Both of them killed it! I rarely see girls who charge as hard as Rachel does, and Thomas is just a chill dude all around. The three of us met up at around 12:30 PM in the Cambell Basin lodge and got hyphy all over the natural terrain. Crystal is a great place to be, with lots of pillows and fun drops to be had. Unfortunately (or maybe it was fortunate), we were having so much fun that we forgot to pull out the camera for most of the day.However, Rachel got a shot or two of Thomas and me on the last run on on the cliffs featured in the Mobb Steep December edit. Switch hits, flips, and pretty fun tricks. Hope to shred with you guys again, fo sho.

After Rachel and Thomas left, I met up with Shane, Lloyd, and our brosephers Sterling and Scotty at the Hut. After several failed attempts to build a fire and jib the backcountry rail setup we have, we decided to focus on fixing up the recently caved in roof. It is now in pretty much full working order and life is good!

Sunday was absolutely stellar. Deep powder all day. Just an awesome time all around. I will be in Whistler next weekend, but Patrick will be back from Florida with his camera so more Mobb Steep footy and an edit will be dropped at the end of the month. Gettin’ hyphy.

Peace, Matt Fry

Opening Day at Crystal Mountain, WA

Opening day all started early at my friend’s cabin. Me of course having extreme ADHD, woke up first running around the cabin with much stoke trying to wake everyone up. Our personal Chef Boy-R-Dizzle (Shane Schorzman) rolled out of bed lookin a bit haggard, but nevertheless got cooking. He soon turned the cabin into young country buffet making me a plate of ghetto-styled scrambled eggs with cheese. YUMM! haha Next in line was Young Frog (Lloyd Dahlem) who decided to put a whole package of bacon in the pan and it was shooting grease everywhere! It took us a little while for all of us to get out the door, but when we finally did everyone was super STOKED! So far our posse consisted of Shane Schorzman, Lloyd Dahlem, Alex Regge, Jake Regge, Kristen Burrows and I (Patrick Fesler). We then met our brohan, Matt Fry at the lift and headed up to begin shredding the gnar! We took several runs on Forest Queen Express before we decided to go check out the Mobb Steep Hut, which is pretty much a shelter that we made over the summer out of downfall and tarps. All in attendance noticed a bunch of pillow lines right by our hut and so we slayed them and got footage for a little edit. Check out our edit below! We’ve got a lot of positive feedback on Newschoolers.com and Facebook about the edit too!

-Patrick Fesler

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Preseason/ Opening day at Crystal MT

yo yo, so before season we were all itching to get on the snow, we packed up all our gear an starting hiking up crystal. we got to the top of discovery an realized we could probly find some jibs closer to the base. We SHREDED the bunny hill an went an found some little natural pillow lines that were made from cement blocks, it was a good day.

Opening day was soo ill, best opening day i have ever been to by farr! blue skys+new snow always makes for a good/hood time. So as soon as all the crowds started gettting outragous we ventured into the woods in attemp to find some lines. Soon enough we found some super fun little drops an pillow lines that happend to be right next to crystals very own, Mobb Steep hutt. anyways super fun time.

-Shane Schorzman