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Summer’s Almost Over [good music]

Summer’s almost over. We want to spread the stokage. So here are a few awesome songs. Enjoy.

Quick Edit 2011

This season we skied a lot, but didn’t bother to film much. And this is what we ended up with…
All filmed on a Kodak HD Handycamthingy.

One Love
– Mobb Steep

California Dreaming

What’s up Earth? This is Matt here live out of Truckee, California. I have spent the winter at Squaw Valley, and I have to say that I have never been better. The terrain here is unbelievable. The park is ridiculously smooth right now. Here are a couple shots of the biggest jump line at Squaw at the moment.

click on pics to enlarge

Sick park
photo credit: Sean Crosby

Of course, the park is just a small part of the mountain. Squaw’s off-piste terrain is some of the best I have ever ridden. There are trees, open bowls, little drops, big drops, natural jibs and all sorts of natural features.

Throwing down with an injured rotator cuff.
View across Lake Tahoe.

I leave to go back home to Seattle next week for the multiple competitions in the area, but I will always remember Lake Tahoe as being one of the most beautiful places in the world. We all live one globe, we are one people, we are one love. Remember that and be thankful each and every day you get to go skiing, because you never know when you’ll go.

Here’s an edit to consolidate my time in Tahoe:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Peace and Blessings
Matt Fry


Mobb Steep: January ShrEDIT

Vodpod videos no longer available.

December 2009

Wattup world! Long time no see. We’ve got a big update for you all here. Da Hut is now outfitted with a chimney and a real wood stove. Basically a 5-star ski in ski out deal. Take notes, Boyne. As far as skiing goes, Mobb Steep has been shredding some fresh PNW ice and rain out here for the past couple weeks. Mother nature may try to screw us over, but us Washingtonians know a thing or two about rain. Using the soggy snow, we put together a tree jib on Tuesday and had a massive session that day.

The tree jib was pretty successful. We got some pretty sick footage which Patrick will be editing within the next week or two. Some of the shots include taps to spinouts, tree-riding, and a Durtschi-esque flip to branch tap. The rest of the week we shredded about, kicking it old school until some fresh snow fell on Friday. The weather was crazy at times, turning from rain to snow to hail to snow again, and vice versa. I have to say myself that even with the runs turning to slush, I was having a blast on my new skis. Icy groomers are great when you have a solid edge to use, and  a true skier loves being in the mountains no matter the conditions.

I’m going to keep this short, since I have to get ready for my trip out to Lake Tahoe on Thursday. I will be living in Truckee from Jan. 8th – March 15th. If you are around the area, hit me up. I’m always stoked to meet skiers and shred it up!

Stay classy, Earth.

– Matt “Philosofist” Fry

Yayo for powder – 11/21 to 11/22

This weekend was a good one for sure. Unfortunately our crew was a little split up, but we still had a great time and took advantage the snow that the northwest storm systems decided to dump on us. We got a dusting on Friday night; maybe 4 inches of new snow overnight. Saturday was awesome, needless to say. I met up with a Mission Ridge skier named Thomas and a semi-local chick named Rachel. Both of them killed it! I rarely see girls who charge as hard as Rachel does, and Thomas is just a chill dude all around. The three of us met up at around 12:30 PM in the Cambell Basin lodge and got hyphy all over the natural terrain. Crystal is a great place to be, with lots of pillows and fun drops to be had. Unfortunately (or maybe it was fortunate), we were having so much fun that we forgot to pull out the camera for most of the day.However, Rachel got a shot or two of Thomas and me on the last run on on the cliffs featured in the Mobb Steep December edit. Switch hits, flips, and pretty fun tricks. Hope to shred with you guys again, fo sho.

After Rachel and Thomas left, I met up with Shane, Lloyd, and our brosephers Sterling and Scotty at the Hut. After several failed attempts to build a fire and jib the backcountry rail setup we have, we decided to focus on fixing up the recently caved in roof. It is now in pretty much full working order and life is good!

Sunday was absolutely stellar. Deep powder all day. Just an awesome time all around. I will be in Whistler next weekend, but Patrick will be back from Florida with his camera so more Mobb Steep footy and an edit will be dropped at the end of the month. Gettin’ hyphy.

Peace, Matt Fry