No drama, some trauma

The first weekend of February started with no drama and fighting amongst the crew like normal. We found a couple natural hittable features along downhill and decided that we would just sesh them for the day. After we got comfortable with them we started small and worked our way up. I started out with sending some 360s deep into the trannys, Lloyd and Reidar with some 3s also. And of course Shane had to show us up by throwing down a frontflip and then exploded! Next run Shane stomped a laid out frontflip, Lloyd did another 360. Reidar surprised us all with a 720 to fail, but nonetheless surprising after his 720 to pole in the chin that resulted in an airlift to Harborview Medical Center a few years back. I decided to do a rodeo 5, it felt smooth but i couldn’t ride it away on my Armada Alpha 2s (park skis) in the northwest cement. We were all getting pretty stoked on these fun little natural features on a seemingly “not much to do” day.

The crew decided that we would take another lap and then grab lunch. While on the chair Shane mentioned that I should just do a rodeo 720 so that I could actually ride it out in the heavy snow. One by one we hit the feature, Reidar with another 720, Lloyd stomped a cork 720, and Shane threw a underflip. I told him that I was going to just do a 360, but he called me “pussy” and dropped in. I knew what I had to do… And that was to finally land my first rodeo 7 on skis. As I dropped in there was no hesitation, I popped off the lip and set the rotation. Looking for my landing I noticed that I didn’t have enough air to complete the rotation and bailed. As I hit the ground I felt my teeth crunch against my kneeĀ  and I knew right then that my teeth were done-zo! I stood up right away and skied over to where the crew was standing and said “My tooth!”. At this point I didn’t realize that I was bleeding so Reidar told me. I then touched my tongue to my lip that was lacerated and it made me want to puke. Feeling like I was going to pass out I sat down and so many thoughts were racing through my mind. So I had a lacerated upper lip, one tooth lost, one tooth wiggly, one tooth crooked.

Once I got to the bottom of the mountain the Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol patched me up a bit so I could make it to the hospital and my dad had the car waiting. We drove to Tacoma General/Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital where I spent the next 6 hours waiting, getting stitches, waiting more, x rays, waiting more, and then I finally got to head home on some vicodin.

Monday I went to my dentist and he referred me to a orthodontist that will put braces on my upper teeth to realign them.

I’ll keep you guys updated!

One Love,

2 thoughts on “No drama, some trauma

  1. Patrick that moment I saw you was fuckin epic you comin down in the tabogan with the hang loose out the side lmao you fuchin champ!

    one love,

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