Stevens Pass Comp

What a weekend at Stevens Pass, WA. My sister and I embarked on the journey Thursday night and headed over to Pat’s to pick him up so he could come along and film for us. What kind of trip would it be without his crazy ass. We went to stay the night in Seattle at Reidar’s house. Spent the night getting chauffeured around town in a god damn Chrysler Sebring with the top down and making beats on the synth.

Got an early start the next day. Up at the crack of dawn listening to Raydar’s dad crack some crazy jokes about his special ass oatmeal he was feeding us. Finally on the road with A-hab intact. A couple pee breaks and an insane owl spotting later we were on the hill. Signed in for the comp and went to scope the venue. Met up with Shane and we all picked out our line and were stoked for the following days. Got off the hill and had a crazy night at our hotel kickin it and swimming in the pool.

Qualifying day was kind of a joke… but still a good time. We all just skied around and waited for the fog to roll out. When we couldn’t get a break from the weather they called it and we took a few more runs and headed down the hill. We managed to drag Shane along so he could crash with us in the hotel room which didn’t even have enough beds for everyone as it was…. So Raydar got to sleep on the floor. That night some pretty crazy, shit went down. We started the night out with walking around Leavenworth and ended up walking in a hotel that i remembered had a racquetball court in it. On our way to find the court I’m not sure how we got so lucky, but some random old guy ended up running up to us and was wondering if we had signed up and were looking for all the racket ball gear. So of course we said yes, got all the gear from him and had a crazy racquetball match. Left there, some how not getting in any trouble. Went and got some food and headed back to the hotel. The night ended up with Pat pissing off some built 200+ pound guys from a wedding that was happening at the hotel, by asking if there was an “open bar”. Some how Raydar ended up taking the blame for it and was later brought to the stage in front of the whole entire wedding to apologize. Then was drug into a closet and nearly got his ass beat, some how escaping from the biggest guy choking him out. After he came back outside with 4 huge ass guys right behind him some crazy shit went down. Drunk ass people started yelling an some guy kept trying to take Raydar back into the hall. Luckily pretty much the entire wedding was on our side. So while everyone was bickering and some guy pushed this drunk girl shit got crazy and Mobb Steep dipped out to the hotel room.

The next day the fog still didn’t clear up so they were forced to only run the bottom of the venue. It wasn’t too terrible still some good skiing. My sister ate shit off this cliff I told her to drop…. whoops! She ended up third though. Not bad for her first comp. Shane took 4th. I ended up second and Pat got some good footy of us all and a dope edit. Quite the weekend!

-Lloyd Dahlem (Young Frog)

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