December 2009

Wattup world! Long time no see. We’ve got a big update for you all here. Da Hut is now outfitted with a chimney and a real wood stove. Basically a 5-star ski in ski out deal. Take notes, Boyne. As far as skiing goes, Mobb Steep has been shredding some fresh PNW ice and rain out here for the past couple weeks. Mother nature may try to screw us over, but us Washingtonians know a thing or two about rain. Using the soggy snow, we put together a tree jib on Tuesday and had a massive session that day.

The tree jib was pretty successful. We got some pretty sick footage which Patrick will be editing within the next week or two. Some of the shots include taps to spinouts, tree-riding, and a Durtschi-esque flip to branch tap. The rest of the week we shredded about, kicking it old school until some fresh snow fell on Friday. The weather was crazy at times, turning from rain to snow to hail to snow again, and vice versa. I have to say myself that even with the runs turning to slush, I was having a blast on my new skis. Icy groomers are great when you have a solid edge to use, and  a true skier loves being in the mountains no matter the conditions.

I’m going to keep this short, since I have to get ready for my trip out to Lake Tahoe on Thursday. I will be living in Truckee from Jan. 8th – March 15th. If you are around the area, hit me up. I’m always stoked to meet skiers and shred it up!

Stay classy, Earth.

– Matt “Philosofist” Fry

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