Van Life.

Friday – So this weekend started on Friday December 4th with me loading up Marvin the Red Rocket with all the skiing essentials and some. I then headed to Buckley where I met up with the crew at Lloyd’s house to hit up Scotty Burn’s newly built backyard setup. After a so-so sesh due to all the nagging, poor attitudes and waiting for snowboarders to strap in we ate some delicious clam chowder provided by Susie (Lloyd’s mom, thanks!). The night hadn’t hit it’s low until we arrived at Sterling’s house with lame movies and floor sleeping.

Sesh photos to come…

Saturday – At about 7:20 AM on Saturday morning I start to become restless and can’t sleep any longer. Feeling fresh as an apple, I wake everyone up and tell them it’s time to head to Crystal. About 40 minutes later we arrive at Crystal and take our time getting ready since it hadn’t snowed in more than a week. Shane and Lloyd not being happy with the conditions and hard snow decide that we should go to our hut and hang out. And me not wanting to shred by myself agrees. An hour or so goes by and we go to the base lodge for some grub and stay there the rest of the day messing around. 4:00 PM comes around and we catch the shuttle down to Lot D.

Saturday Night – Now we planned to sleep in my van so Shane, Scotty and I begin to take turns using our mouths to inflate an air mattress which takes 20 minutes. Someone mentions poaching the Silver Skis Inn pool to get some swimming and we venture up there to check it out while blasting the Bose portable speakers, but decide otherwise. I give our homie Kristen a ring-a-ling-ling and we hit up her condo for some shenanigans with her and nicole. This included but was not limited to eating terrible macaroni & cheese, mesmerized by a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition magazine in 3D where it seemed as if you could removed their clothing and much more! Once a certain someone showed up everything became dull and awkward so Shane, Scott and I dipped out to my van and quickly fell asleep.

Sunday – 7:00 AM we got a nice wake up with Sterling pounding on the outside of the van a long with strong gusts of wind and negative temperatures. Scott had to go work the lifts so he left Shane and I. Next you know we have another visitor pounding on our house, what do you know it was Lloyd Dahlem with all his gear! Shane demands that I warm up the house a bit for our newly acquired guest and the van wouldn’t turnover. After many tries it still wouldn’t. Feeling a bit bummed out we head up to the lodge to make our freeze-dried breakfast, beef stroganoff  with noodles! I must say that it was really good. Seeing that it was negative 2 degrees Fahrenheit with 80 mph winds we decided it’d be better to just not skiing and instead again mess around in the lodge. Eventually my dad showed up and he tried to get ole Marvin the Red Rocket to start and it still wouldn’t. So we went home and decided to come back the following day with new spark plugs and other ideas.

Monday – Marv was sitting there in Lot D like a lone soldier. I replaced the plugs and jump started the car and got Marv home safely.

-Patrick Fesler

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