Half day 11/24/09

So Young frog and i had a half day on Tuesday. We decided what better is there to do than go shred the slopes even tho it had been raining all day. Magically as soon as school got out the weather started to somewhat clear up, everybody was super stoked as soon as we broke through the cloud’s into bluebird coming up the Crystal Mountain Blvd. We soon geared up an was ready to shred, the moment we click on our skis we knew it was gonna be a fun day, being sunny and having the snow super slushy from the rain was about to make for some good fun.

The road up the chair noticing that there were clouds starting to come in about half way up Rex so we dipped over to queens in attempt to jib some shit! First run was a failure for me. I was dipping switch down queens an came to a knoll that i thought “hey im gonna try to switch 5 this lil guy” FAIL, soon enough i rotated a 450 ending up side ways an wreckin pretty good.  After doing some jibbing around queens Lloyd and I decided since the mountain was so dead to try an get the stove an extra tarp up the the hut( we attempted to get the stove up pre season but ended up hiding it in the woods cuz the hike was way to gnarly) so we went an got the stove that was buried in the snow. When we had hiding the stove we kept it on a little plastic sled so we could scoot it around, now that we had it we started dipping down discovery. we rushed the stove onto the chair as the lifties didnt say a word we knew the coast was clear. Getting down to queens was an adventure Lloyd in front skiing with his skis super close together and me in back with a super wide stance so our skis wouldnt cath on each other, flying down the hill innocent by standers thought we had a keg haha. We got onto queens with out any problems and soon enough found trouble making our way through TLC with the stove since it was a very awkward shape an weighing in at around 30 pounds or so. FINALLY we got it to the hut an set up the extra tarp making it super nice inside with no snow getting in. Still to come is setting up the stove an chiminy which should be a great time. All in all super super fun day for sure!


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