Preseason/ Opening day at Crystal MT

yo yo, so before season we were all itching to get on the snow, we packed up all our gear an starting hiking up crystal. we got to the top of discovery an realized we could probly find some jibs closer to the base. We SHREDED the bunny hill an went an found some little natural pillow lines that were made from cement blocks, it was a good day.

Opening day was soo ill, best opening day i have ever been to by farr! blue skys+new snow always makes for a good/hood time. So as soon as all the crowds started gettting outragous we ventured into the woods in attemp to find some lines. Soon enough we found some super fun little drops an pillow lines that happend to be right next to crystals very own, Mobb Steep hutt. anyways super fun time.

-Shane Schorzman

About Shane Schorzman

Yo yo, so my name is shane schorzman. I currently reside in Buckley, Washington, its a sick little town at the base of Crystal mountain where i ski an get Out of the box if ya know what im sayin.I am a skier, there isnt any other way to put it.

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