Opening Day at Crystal Mountain, WA

Opening day all started early at my friend’s cabin. Me of course having extreme ADHD, woke up first running around the cabin with much stoke trying to wake everyone up. Our personal Chef Boy-R-Dizzle (Shane Schorzman) rolled out of bed lookin a bit haggard, but nevertheless got cooking. He soon turned the cabin into young country buffet making me a plate of ghetto-styled scrambled eggs with cheese. YUMM! haha Next in line was Young Frog (Lloyd Dahlem) who decided to put a whole package of bacon in the pan and it was shooting grease everywhere! It took us a little while for all of us to get out the door, but when we finally did everyone was super STOKED! So far our posse consisted of Shane Schorzman, Lloyd Dahlem, Alex Regge, Jake Regge, Kristen Burrows and I (Patrick Fesler). We then met our brohan, Matt Fry at the lift and headed up to begin shredding the gnar! We took several runs on Forest Queen Express before we decided to go check out the Mobb Steep Hut, which is pretty much a shelter that we made over the summer out of downfall and tarps. All in attendance noticed a bunch of pillow lines right by our hut and so we slayed them and got footage for a little edit. Check out our edit below! We’ve got a lot of positive feedback on and Facebook about the edit too!

-Patrick Fesler

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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